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When Joanne first contacted Forth Sector her anxiety was so severe she hadn’t been able to leave her home for over a year. Having carried out a risk assessment and adhering to safe working protocols, meetings with her employment advisor took place in her flat for the first 8 months. Whilst developing a vocational profile and trusting relationship Joanne and her advisor were able to identify the types of role and employers which would allow her to thrive in a workplace.


After progressing to walking to the end of her street, then across the road to a nearby coffee shop the advisor researched the area and found an anxiety management course relatively close to her house, and after some reassurance, she was supported to attend every week for 6 weeks. This initially proved extremely challenging for Joanne and initially the met  her at her flat to walk with her, but as the weeks went by, she developed the confidence to travel to the venue unaccompanied.


Joanne really thrived following these classes, she decided that she would like to try a work placement or voluntary role; The Advisor was able to arrange a 4 week part time placement as a receptionist, a role compatible with her vocational profile, in the building that hosted the anxiety management course. Joanne was comfortable there, was able to test out her skills and subsequently performed to a very high standard whilst on placement, which boosted her confidence and aspirations.


The search for open paid employment was initiated,  having undertaken a calculation to ensure the Joanne was aware of the potential financial impact of a range of possible employment scenarios.


Joanne was ultimately successful in finding full time work with one of the city’s largest employers.


She is doing really well, enjoying her job, taking part in social events and thoroughly loving life.