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The programme was initially contacted by  a family member of a young woman, Janet.  We engaged with Janet and found that she had been employed as an administrator at Firesons Engineering for a period of time but had recently been struggling to maintain the quality and quantity of work she produced. This had resulted in the instigation of disciplinary proceedings, during which Janet had declared her disability to her employer for the first time. The procedure had stalled, leaving Janet unsure as to her future.

With her permission we contacted the employer, to ascertain the situation. The company HR dept informed us that they did not particularly wish to proceed with the disciplinary process, but were unsure of how to remedy the situation.

With the agreement of all parties an Employment Advisor visited the workplace for a significant amount of time over a period of a week to observe the situation.  Her insights and expertise helped  Janet’s team leader to introduce appropriate form of support and management which in turn enabled Janet’s performance to return to an acceptable level.

Around 18 months later we were contacted by Firesons HR department with a request for support as Janet’s name had once again been flagged up to them regarding issues of performance. Fortunately a member of the team recalled the previous involvement of Forth Sector.

In the intervening time there had been a number of staffing changes within the company and in particular within the leadership of Janet’s team.  On this occasion an Employment Advisor was able attend the workplace, confirm our initial assessment and reintroduce the methods of work which had previously been devised to allow Janet to thrive in her role.

A positive outcome for both of our clients, Janet and, on this occasion, our primary client Firesons.